“Information Technology”…from those little pieces of tech that make your watch so amazing to the giant control systems that ensure our industrial manufacturing processes are safe and reliable…all of that “IT” makes life both entertaining and challenging at the same time.  It’s in the middle of this ongoing opportunity that we founded both our careers and our new company.

At BBWeb, we take 20 years of engineering and IT experience and blend it into a practice that can help you solve your challenges within this space.  We grew up working with technology…from the time when the best option was still to build your own home PC through the ongoing movement of everything into the cloud today.  We want to help you and your teams get busy solving today’s challenges.

If you spend a bit of time with our team, you’ll find that we’ve covered a wide array of problem solving for customers of many shapes and sizes.  From large scale, Fortune 500 manufacturing solutions to small business security for private medical practices, we have delivered practical solutions ranging from strategic planning to engineering implementation.  Our focus is on bringing engineering and technical expertise to new solutions…wherever that may take us!

If you are interested in learning more or just want to trade a few notes, please reach out to us.  We’d love to make the connection!